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A generous and creative gourmet cuisine: an infinite pleasure to discover its flavors.

For you, we only cook with the produce that we love! François Vandeweghe prepares a traditional seasonal cuisine for you, with refined dishes that are pure works of art and fantasy!

Come and sharpen up your taste buds by savouring the "Clément Marot" recipes!


Wine shall always bear the scent of its land.

Clément Marot’s cellar harbours over 5,000 bottles and 250 different wines, all waiting to be discovered and tasted at your whim, in accordance with our suggestions and inspired by the subtle marriage of your chosen dishes with the appropriate wine type. And so nothing shall be forgotten…


A true cultural journey across worldly aromas and lifeblood!


  • A Jamaïcan rarity from the Blue Mountain
  • Authentic Brazil from Santos Ipanema
  • Javanese force from Lintung Costa Rican
  • Smoothness from Tarrazzu
  • Ethiopian Nobility from Sidamo
  • Famous Zimbabwe from La Lucie Royale
  • Columbian delicacy from Medellin Excelso
  • Equitable trade with the max Havelaar

 ... Guaranteed inspiration for connoisseurs and lovers of the most renowned coffees: "Clément Marot" enables you to indulge in the pleasures of tasting, right to the very end. 

Thank you Méo!